Private Workshops That Help You Get The Best Out Of Your Team, Organization and Audience.

Strategic Management & Growth • Leadership • Public Speaking • Personal Development and Self-Reliance



  • Your team is not on the same page?
  • Are you on a time of transition?
  • You feel that the effort of the other members are not reciprocal.
  • You don't know how to guide your organization/life?
  • Your team and audience need to update knowledge, set bigger goals, organize ideas and resources, know how to lead, how to stay focused and productive?
  • Do you need more unity? 


THEN ... 


VSM offers 4 types of workshops for any type of organization (nonprofits, institutions, small & medium-sized businesses)

1) The POWER of Management for individuals and families.

If you work for a community center, then this program is for your organization. This program is designed to address the critical areas of the human being: health, relationships, mission/job, finances, spirit, hobbies/passion. The outcome of this program is to become self-reliant, have more discipline and clarity to reach big goals. This program is divided into 5 sessions, 2 hours each session. The sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Introspection (General Evaluation of the Participant)

Session 2: Planning & Organization (Strategic Planning, Resources, Budget and Goal Setting)

Session 3: Well-directed (Leadership, Influence, Delegation, Motivation, Decision Making)

Session 4: Execution (Productivity, Mental Focus, Confidence, Time Management)

Session 5: Revision & Purpose (Indicators, Meetings, Opportunity Evaluation, Future-self)


2) The POWER of Management for businesses and organizations.

This program is designed to inspire and instruct entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders in the areas of business orientation, structure, competencies, infrastructure, networking and POWER concept. The outcome of this program is to grow strategically, have more control of the organization and experience continuing success. This program is divided into 5 sessions, 2 hours each session. The sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Analysis (Diagnosis of Defenses of the Organization)

Session 2: Planning (Strategic Planning)

Session 3: Organization (Processes, Structure, Systems)

Session 4: Well-Directed (Leadership, Influence, Motivation, High Performance)

Session 5: Execution & Revision (People Process, Operations, Productivity, Monitoring)


3) "Certified High Performance Coaching" for organizations

This program is designed to train and instruct leaders (CEOs, Top Executives, Managers, key leaders) in organizations with the pillars and habits of high performance. The purpose of this program is for leaders to reach high levels of CLARITY, ENERGY, PRODUCTIVITY, INFLUENCE and COURAGE to amplify their organizational success and increase profit. This program is divided into 12 session, 90 minutes each.


4) The Power of Public Speaking

This program is designed to help leaders think bigger, prepare with physicality movements and storytelling, tone of voice and speech structure. The outcome is to train leaders to make a positive impact in people's lives, their organizations and build their personal / business brand, and to communicate clearly and effectively.


"Thank you VSM for these workshops that strengthen minds, habits and strategies to elevate business and personal success. Another workshop that I finish that makes me feel fulfilled."

Saul Lopez
Leader, Politician and Owner of Multiple Businesses

"Excellent workshops that helped me improve my life in general. 100% recommended! "

Silvia Velasquez

"GREAT experience! Many new topics that prepared me to face life's difficulties. Thank you Coach Robert for your time and patience. "

Victor Hugo
Leader in Latin-Americas In Action, INC


We are happy to answer any questions. We are here to help you reach your personal, business and organizational goals. IT'S YOUR TIME!


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